This system detects intrusion into premises and thus raises an alarm Major parts of the above mentioned system include: Control panel, Detectors, Motion detector, Magnetic contact & Vibration sensors. We provide manual and automatic alarm systems. We have a well equipped control room with well trained controllers who operate 24/7.

Intruder alarms are not only the number one solution of preventing attacks on your property but also means of protecting your possessions and the occupants too.

Our Suppliers offer security alarm systems that ensure that all system solutions are simple, user-friendly, effective and trouble free to protect your business, your home and your close ones. Our expertise is backed up by solid standing of system manufacturers such as Honeywell, Cooper or Tecexom.

Our alarms are reliable and insurance approved with user friendly touch screen LCD keypad and external siren with strobe light as standard. The house alarms which can be wired or wireless are effective deterrents against burglary.

Our range of burglar alarms as with the rest of our security systems are installed to comply with current Kenyan and International standards.